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Václavské náměstí 15, Nová Ves I, 280 02 Kolín 2, e-mail: miloslav(a)

Guest house

We can offer the whole year accomodation in rooms with 4 beds and TV and a private bathroom (with toilet and shower). Downstairs there is a big common room with a kitchen and a bar and a separate TV for sharing.

Our guest house is aimed at agrotourism and bicycling. You can borrow a bicycle and you can use free wifi internet too. In the guest house smoking is forbidden.

Let us go for a walk through the guest house
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Společenská místnost

a view of the common room

interiér společenské místnosti

the common room (view no. 2)

pokoje (1)

rooms (view no. 1)

pokoje (2)

rooms (view no. 2)

pokoje (3)

rooms (view no. 3)

pokoje (4)

rooms (view no. 4)

pokoje - sociální zařízení

rooms – W.C.

Jízdní kola která si mohou naši klienti vypůjčit

borrowings of bicycles

Celkový pohled na penzion

the guest house



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