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Vicinity – tourism

Hiking and riding a bike

  1. Travel routes:

    1. red one is called “Polabská“ which is connected with the international net of cycle - ways (Prague – Vienna number 11, Prague – Brno no1, no 19 is called “posázavská“ cycle - way)

    2. green cycle – the way of microregion called “Pečecko“

    3. yellow hiking trail called “Cross – country of the Battle near Kolín“

  2. There are 3 cultural monuments in Nová Ves I which are registered in the list of real cultural monuments.
    • The church of Saint Wenceslas
    • The Statue of Saint John Nepomuk
    • Close wall with a fence

    • - on a nearly hill called “Bedřichov“ there is another important monument which is a memorial to the battle in Kolín
      - natural memorial site is a quarry near Nová Ves I – it is a paradise of paleontology, it is possible you can look for some plant (clubmosses, horsetails) and animal fossils, which can confirm the existence of the sea which covered this countryside long-ago.

  3. The river Elbe – there are some river flood-plains pervaded by riparian woodland, old meanders with its rich flora and fauna/li>

  4. “Klavary“ – a small water power station

  5. important element of this area called “Lůmky“


  1. Kolín – the church of Saint Bartholomew, Charles Square, St. Mary’s column from 1682, a fountain from1870, the Jewish cemetery from 15th century, remains of the Jewish ghetto with the Jewish synagogue from 1642, a musical festival called “ Kmochův Kolín“, a museum and a theatre

  2. Poděbrady – a health resort , the equestrian statue of King George, the Marian column

  3. Kutná Hora – the Cathedral of Saint Barbara (the second biggest cathedral in the Czech Republic), the Italian Court (complex of buildings from 13th to 14th century), silver mines, an ossuary

  4. Kouřim –the church of Saint Stephen, a bell tower from 1525, a museum

  5. Radim – a castle with a park

  6. Pečky – the evangelistic church of Master John Huss – one of the most important European historic sights of cubistic architecture



Pečky - the evangelistic church of Master John Huss

Pečky - the evangelistic church of Master John Huss (the most well-preserved European cubistic sacral building).

Nová Ves I – St. Wenceslas’s church interior

Nová Ves I – St. Wenceslas’s church interior



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